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Interview with Rubrain
Nov 19th 2017
TAGGED: interview
Read about my interview with Rubrain, on the biggest Russian platform for freelancers.
How Nimi built their startup with no coding skills
Jul 17th 2017
TAGGED: interview
Nimi is a startup that helps people who are choosing a name for their company, product, or brand.
The Limiting Step
Apr 26th 2017
TAGGED: business
Learning how to find and plan around this limiting step can help you to move faster.
Managing your company as a production line
Mar 31st 2017
TAGGED: business
It is about how to be a good manager. Producing and delivering results.
3 amazing books for growing your business
Dec 22nd 2016
TAGGED: books
I want to share 3 recommendations of great books that will improve your business.
3 tools for building your idea with no coding skills
Oct 24th 2016
TAGGED: books
I will show you 3 online services for creating your MVP without coding skills or any developer needed.
How to provide value as non-tech founder
Sep 11th 2016
TAGGED: founders
Paul Graham once said that “a non-tech founder can contribute with sales and… bringing coffee and cheesburgers to the programmers!